Terms of use

Everyone who uses the site www.AdriaticBottleService.com falls under our terms & conditions.

We strongly advise you read these terms & conditions which define under which conditions our products and services are offered.


The provider of products & services provided on www.AdriaticBottleService.com is Liquid Spirits d.o.o., Ulica grada Vukovara 226/a, 10 000 Zagreb, Croatia, VAT: HR84491727401


This site sells alcoholic beverages. As such all of our clients must be 18 years of age or older according to Croatian law.


All products have listed prices in European euros, EUR in short with VAT included


Orders are processed via web catalog, or via direct e mail.

To place an order simply choose ready made packages or combine your custom order through our web catalog. Online orders are fully automated. Upon that proceed to the checkout process and fill the required personal information needed to ensure problem free delivery of products ordered. Upon writing delivery information clients are asked to make payment via wire transfer directly to the bank account:

BANK: PBZ IBAN:HR2123400091111001476, SWIFT: PBZGHR2X

Upon payment clients are asked to provide proof of payment to finish the ordering process

Client will receive his order confirmation via e­mail with all necessary details of the order such as: products, quantity, price, cost of delivery, time and place of delivery. It is important to check all the ordering details to avoid potential errors.


The delivery is FREE, but there is a requirement of a minimal order of 500,00 EURO.

The latest time a client can order products listed on www.AdriaticBottleService.com is 10 days prior to the start of sailing vacation, day of delivery.


In case of merchandise return the client is obligated to send a justified reclamation to Liquid Spirits d.o.o. by e-mail, phone or in a written format. Merchandise returns are acceptable in the following scenarios:

  • receiving of products which was not ordered
  • receiving of products whose shelf life has expired
  • receiving of products which has a defect or was damaged prior to transportation

The clients are obligated to inspect the delivered products for possible damages during take-over. The clients also must inspect and compare delivered products to the contents on their invoice. If any product is missing or damaged or shelf life has expired the client should mention this to the delivery personnel. This is very important as we do not accept reclamations after delivery. The delivery personnel will put together a written record of complaints / errors in the delivery and the paper will include the customer’s signature. If the product cannot be substituted, Liquid Spirits d.o.o. will reimburse the customer for the value of products that were not delivered in a way and or state they were ordered.


All content published on www.AdriaticBottleService.com Internet pages which can include: text, graphics, trade marks (logos), icons, pictures, audio and video content, digital content, software and other content here not mentioned but published on our web pages, are property of Liquid Spirits d.o.o.. Clients who use the website www.AdriaticBottleService.com are agreeing not to copy, reproduce and distribute text, graphic and visual element of Adriatic Bottle Service without explicit written permission from Liquid Spirits d.o.o..


Liquid Spirits d.o.o. reserves the right to change any of the rules and regulations, and is obligated to report any changes to its registered users using e­mail addresses submitted during registration. All changes will impact the use of our site. If you do not agree with any of the aforementioned terms of use, and you do not wish to accept them, please contact us by via mail; info@adriaticbottleservice.com or sales@liquidspirits.hr and do not use our Internet shop in the meantime.


Liquid Spirits d.o.o. does not guarantee that the content of our internet pages are suitable for our clients regarding their health and diet restrictions. Clients must carefully read all of the description of products listed on www.AdriaticBottleService.com . Should any doubts about some products occur the clients must send a question regarding it via following mails: info@adriaticbottleservice.com or sales@liquidspirits.hr

Legal limitations permitting, Liquid Spirits d.o.o. shall not answer for any direct or indirect, accidental, material and non material damage, losses or expenses resulting from usage or the inability to use any of the information available on our internet pages. Services offered by Liquid Spirits d.o.o. Internet Shop do not include technical equipment and other external service expenses used for the purpose of accessing our web site, nor is not responsible for phone or mobile or any other similar expenses. The customer is using Liquid Spirits d.o.o. web site at his or her own discretion. Liquid Spirits d.o.o. does not guarantee, and is not responsible in any shape or form for any kind of direct and indirect damages the customer might suffer when using online services, computer programs (software), service providers and internet in general.


The Liquid Spirits d.o.o. privacy policy represents a separate document and is available via hotlink on the footer of the website www.AdriaticBottleService.com, right next to the hotlink for terms and conditions.To any and all matters that are not specified in the Terms & Conditions the legal regulations and official court of Republic of Croatia overrule.